2017 Trend: Decorating With Black

Black is one of the most elegant, noble and universal colors of the palette. It always adds some depth to the interior and makes it look more sophisticated and unique. It is the color that enhances texture and form and adds an accenting touch to the room. But it is also a very tricky one… Continue reading 2017 Trend: Decorating With Black

2017 Trend: Statement Wallpaper

As we can already see, 2017 is going to be all about colors and bold design solutions. The next embodiment of this tendency is the newest trend that is getting more and more visible in the world of interior design – statement walls. And we love everything about this trend – it is so versatile,… Continue reading 2017 Trend: Statement Wallpaper

How To Spice Up Your Space With Decorative Objects

A beautiful interior is not just simply about having beautiful furniture (although it helps very much), but ┬árather having that special “something” that makes the space individual and special, something that shows the personality and imagination of the owner – and the simplest way to this effect is by adding some interesting decor pieces. Here… Continue reading How To Spice Up Your Space With Decorative Objects

2017 Trend: Velvet

New year seems to bring a lot of interesting novelties into the interior design world, one of them being the emergence of velvet. It seems that velvet has conquered every possible area in the interior and furniture design field and it’s becoming more and more popular. No wonder that this great material finally gained some… Continue reading 2017 Trend: Velvet