Provence in interior design.

The place, which is definitely considered as one of the best holiday destination in Europe is Provence on South of France. This unique region is popular not only because of the sea and beaches, stunning views, Film Festival in Cannes or luxuries Monaco but also due to its more rural character with stone houses, fields… Continue reading Provence in interior design.

Smart tips for a small apartment.

Despite the fact that it is not an easy task to arrange tiny space, a small apartment can be really functional and restful. Everything depends on solutions, which are used. If you choose right furniture, you can enjoy having a great place, without extra feet. So how you can get a comfortable and cozy space?… Continue reading Smart tips for a small apartment.

Mattresses – in the maze of choices…

It is a truth universally known that as you make your bed, so you must lie upon it. As we all know the good sleep is essential for proper existing. It does not only provide a rest and energy for the next day but also enables cells and brain to regenerate. It is fundamental to… Continue reading Mattresses – in the maze of choices…

7 tips for summer decor!

Every season has its own pallet of colors, for example fall – yellow, red and brown like leaves on the trees, spring bright green like blooming garden. It is natural that accordingly to a season outside the window, we would like to adopt our home interior – more warm and cozy during long winter months… Continue reading 7 tips for summer decor!