Summer Trends – Indigo

For many years blue has been a key fashion color, which slowly infiltrated into interior design. It is a color of honesty and trust, which brings serenity and relaxation. This year, the main role plays a bold, bright, deep blue, which can be perfectly paired with crisp white, chilly gray or energetic orange. Indigo can… Continue reading Summer Trends – Indigo

Provence in interior design.

The place, which is definitely considered as one of the best holiday destination in Europe is Provence on South of France. This unique region is popular not only because of the sea and beaches, stunning views, Film Festival in Cannes or luxuries Monaco but also due to its more rural character with stone houses, fields… Continue reading Provence in interior design.

7 tips for summer decor!

Every season has its own pallet of colors, for example fall – yellow, red and brown like leaves on the trees, spring bright green like blooming garden. It is natural that accordingly to a season outside the window, we would like to adopt our home interior – more warm and cozy during long winter months… Continue reading 7 tips for summer decor!

4 Steps For A Perfect (And Practical) Nursery

Waiting for your baby to arrive comes with a set of challenges and preparations, one of them being setting up the perfect nursery for your newborn, which later has to become a child’s room. Here are a few easy steps to create a warm and cozy nursery that can be later easily transformed into child’s… Continue reading 4 Steps For A Perfect (And Practical) Nursery