2017 Trend: Velvet

New year seems to bring a lot of interesting novelties into the interior design world, one of them being the emergence of velvet. It seems that velvet has conquered every possible area in the interior and furniture design field and it’s becoming more and more popular. No wonder that this great material finally gained some… Continue reading 2017 Trend: Velvet

Upholstered Furniture – FABRIC OR LEATHER?

  Choosing the right upholstery for your furniture is a very important issue as it can completely alter the character of not only the furniture itself, but the whole room as well. There is no easy answer to the question which one to chose because there are many individual factors that you have to consider when… Continue reading Upholstered Furniture – FABRIC OR LEATHER?

TREND ALERT: Statement Furniture

Trends come and go, but sometimes a once ‘faux pas’ could become the new hit in furniture coordination. The latest? Statement everything. From statement décor, to accent wall colours, now comes the age where statement furniture is making its way into homes across the country. Why we’re obsessed with this trend? Well, there is something… Continue reading TREND ALERT: Statement Furniture

4 Features of a perfect sofa that will make your life easier.

When arranging a living room sooner or later you will have to face the tough challenge of choosing the perfect sofa that will match your room and fit your and your family’s needs. Set aside the basic issues like the color, shape, size or upholstery of it, let’s consider what more could there be to your… Continue reading 4 Features of a perfect sofa that will make your life easier.