Spring cleaning – some useful advice!

When warm sweaters and winter – scarves and jacket, we change for a spring look -> this is a great time for a “SPRING CLEANING”.

Turn winter for a spring – it’s a best time for quickly and effective cleaning.

Remember! You should prepare for each action!

A few questions:

  1. How looks this clothes?
  • bad – throw it out
  • good – next questions

2. How I feel in this clothes?

  • bad/uncomfortable – give someone
  • good/comfortable – next question

    3. How I look in this clothes? (good idea – advice from a friend’s)

  •    unfavorably – give someone
  •    favorably – plane your wardrobe space

Remember! It’s better to have a fewer value clothing.


  1. Sort things for a seasonal. You will have a guaranteed order.
  2. Use hangers. If you have a opportunity – separate for every thing.
  3. Avoid a tightly placed things.

Which clothes you don’t need put on the hangers?

  • sweaters
  • t-shirts/cotton blouses
  • sweatshirts and sport pants
  • jeans

If you don’t have a drawers in your wardrobe – it’s ok. You can use shelves of material, boxes. These accesories will be useful.

Try to make the most of the space!

And how effects?

Have a nice and efficient cleaning!





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