Cozy charm of cottage style!

One of American favorite style in interior design is a cozy cottage style. Its first impression is comfort and simplicity. You can mix old and new, luxurious and inexpensive, simple and decorative. This way of interior design allows pulling together every piece you like in order to create personal, easy to live and charming space.

Nowadays, cottage style means soft colors, floral patterns, vintage character and an eclectic mix of pieces and décor items. If you like to incorporate this cushy style into your home, we have prepared some tips.

Firstly, colors pallet includes mainly neutral colors and soft pastels, however, a bit of more intense color will not destroy the effects. Just remember that rooms should be simple and light. Elements of this style are exposed rafters and roof boards. Wide –plank wood floors, often bleached, are usually topped with rugs, but the simple wooden floor is also typical.


When it comes to furnishing, you might pair classic and vintage pieces with modern, comfortable ones. You can mix and match as much as you want accordingly to your individual preferences, but remember too many old pieces can make an impression of a museum.

The perfect addition is a personal collection of décor items as well as touchable natural-fiber fabrics. Fabrics with floral patterns are ideal for pillows and curtains, while sentimental accessories can create cozy, personal space.


You can find a wide range of pieces at Smart Furniture!


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