Back to school…

The end of August for many means going back to school, what might be really challenging. The needs of our children change and their surroundings should change too. Instead of lots of space for playing, the desk for learning and extra space for books is needed. Especially for those, whose children start their education, preparing everything might seem rather difficult. We already wrote about this subject here but there might be indicated few tips in order to get through that more smoothly.

First of all, we should choose more universal, practical, multi-functional solutions, which would be useful not only temporarily but for many years. It might be really tempting to paint walls is energetic bright colors like pink or orange, however, in order to facilitate concentration as well as relax, we should choose more mild, pastel colors. Intense colors should be used only like accents.


The really important issue is furniture. The best idea is to choose modular pieces, which can be easily fixed and changed accordingly to children’s needs.  Pieces should have light colors and simple design without too many ornaments. The more universal style we choose, the longer it can be used. Moreover, it would be a great foil for décor items, which can be used to create special style. The children’s preferences can change quickly and it is definitely easier to change décor items than repaint walls and change furniture.


Despite starting education, children still need some space for their toys and hobbies. If enough storage space is provided, it is easier to keep everything in place.


Last but not least, before we start redecorating children’s rooms, it is really good idea to involve children in the whole process. In that way, we can learn about their preferences while they feel engaged.


You can find a wide range of children furniture at Smart Furniture!


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