Provence in interior design.

The place, which is definitely considered as one of the best holiday destination in Europe is Provence on South of France. This unique region is popular not only because of the sea and beaches, stunning views, Film Festival in Cannes or luxuries Monaco but also due to its more rural character with stone houses, fields of lavender and sunflowers as well as olive groves.  Especially, these elements have infiltrated into interior design and now people all over the world decorate their homes in Provençal style.


The Provençal style might be simply characterized as natural materials and colors. Despite the fact that many beliefs that it means only white color, mostly used palette is pastels, which are related to region’s colors like sunny yellow, lavender violet or olive green. Materials used for floors are natural, usually timber and stone. When it comes to furniture, all pieces are rather simple without too many decorations, mainly in light pale colors, like white, beige or light, natural brown. In the past, Provençal houses just like other houses in rural regions were supposed to be functional and practical to live and work, that is the reason for not too many decorating accents. Additional elements are also simple and natural like wicker or metal baskets, ceramic kitchen vessels and wooden décor items with olive or lavender motifs. Fabrics are natural and soft in order to create a cozy atmosphere.


It might be said that Provençal style has much in common with Scandinavian style, however, when one takes a closer look, it might be noticed that despite many similarities, there are differences which are unique for each of them, just like their regions of origin.

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