Smart tips for a small apartment.

Despite the fact that it is not an easy task to arrange tiny space, a small apartment can be really functional and restful. Everything depends on solutions, which are used. If you choose right furniture, you can enjoy having a great place, without extra feet. So how you can get a comfortable and cozy space? Smart Furniture indicates some tips!

  1. Avoid oversize furniture. Choose furniture in right proportion to your space.
  2. Leave open space which can be easily rearranged accordingly to your needs.
  3. Choose multitask furniture, which enables to save a space for example multitask sectional which provide sofa bed and storage.

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  1. Be flexible and use your furniture in different ways. Instead of obvious pieces, choose more versatile solutions for example two smaller tables, which can be moved and used separately instead of one bigger.
  2. Get extra space on walls. A wall mounted shelves can be used in many different ways for example as tables, desk or nightstands.
  3. Use pieces on wheels. Portable pieces can be easily rearranged or hide, when they are not needed.
  4. Use furniture, which provide extra storage for example an ottoman with a storage space.


  1. Customize if you can, so pieces are perfectly matched to your needs.


You can find a great selection of multi-functional pieces at Smart Furniture!



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