Hampton’s summer at your home!

Hampton is very popular Long Island summer resort and gateway destination, where rather wealthy New York citizens like to spend their free time. For ages, Hampton’s houses attract attention due to their stylish looks and interior. Nowadays, it became a separate style in interior design. Let’s have a look!

Hampton style is a combination of a luxurious residence and a summer cottage. It might be characterized as a harmony between elegance, chic and a holidays’ atmosphere. Interior is kept in light, pastels colors with plenty of natural daylight. Walls are usually plain white, beige or pastel colors with huge windows. Timber floors might be pale and bleached as well as very dark brown.  As it is supposed to be a summer cottage, the furniture as well as décor items are highly comfortable, and make an impression of relaxing atmosphere. Despite the fact that styles’ mixing is allowed, it should be remembered that all items are carefully selected and matched to have luxurious look. All elements are kept in light pastel or natural colors. When it comes to upholstery, it includes only natural fabrics like cotton, silk or linen, which is one of the favorites. It can be also used for cushions and slipcovers. Moreover, wicker furniture is really popular, while it introduces a bit of outdoor leisure elements. Decor items are usually in nautical style. White and blue stripy rugs, seashell decors, anchors, ropes and fishing nets are a great choice, while they emphasize the summer character of the place. A must is also a lot of lamps, especially with shades in natural fabrics. What is more, in order to keep the look more interesting, old and new items are mixed and there is no surprise that next to old timber chairs, can be found a brand new table.  Retro and rustic items are combined with new and natural ones, what creates unique aura.


Taking all into consideration, the agreeable character of this style encourages having such a space, especially that it seems to be rather easy to create. However, it should be remembered, that in spite of appearances, all elements should be chosen carefully in order to achieve its sophisticated character!

Smart Furniture offers a wide range of summer decor items!


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