Bigger home in a few easy steps…

Most of us do not live in a huge, extraordinary apartment or house. Usually we have limits, when it comes to available space. Although, we want to adopt an interior accordingly to our needs and preferences, often we look for some tricks, which might make our home looks bigger.

As it is known, home decorating is not an easy tasks and decorating a small home is even more difficult. However, there are several tricks, which can be used in order to achieve that magical effect. Smart Furniture indicates some main rules:


  1. Definitely white color!

White color of walls is perfect in order to get an illusion of bigger space. It is a perfect base and it can be mixed with one or two different color, however it should remain a main color in the room.

  1. Mirrors!

Mirrors are the easiest way to get “extra space”. They might be used not only in bedroom but also in living room.

  1. Only necessary furniture!

Avoid too many pieces of furniture. Get those multifunctional with a lot of glass and mirrors. They should be in light color in order to iterfuse with the wall’s color.

  1. Not too many intensive accents and décor items!

Avoid too many intensive accents and cluttered space; focus on simple items which might emphasize the style of the interior. The best solution for making your home looks bigger is minimalism. Here might be found more.

  1. Textiles!

Forget about floral and decorative patterns; choose plain textiles in light colors, similar to walls ‘color.


You can find a wide range of multi-functional furniture at Smart Furniture!


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