Scandinavian Style

Cold as a Nordic winter or just simple and sophisticated? More and more people are fascinated by the Scandinavian design. Its pure character, simplicity and elegance definitely might attract interest. Smart Furniture takes a look at this very popular trend in interior design.


First glimpse brings to one’s mind rather cold, empty and anonymous rooms. Limited pallet of colors, mainly white, gray, cold blue, used in interiors and very simple design of furniture as well as not too many decor items seem to be ideal for fans of ascetic lifestyle. For sure, it has a lot in common with minimalism. Used colors as well as shape and design of items are very similar in both trends.


However, when we give it a second look, its frosty character is not so obvious. Maybe those, who believe that simplicity is new sophistication, are right. Simple and timeless design, classic lines, limited colors as well as universal shape of furniture allow focusing on a purpose of space. Walls and (usually) wooden floors in light colors are ideal canvas to present some intensive accents.  Although, décor items are often used to personalize rooms accordingly to individual preferences, it should be remembered that too many accents and items might destroy an impression of pure and simple style. Apart from that, such space can be easily transformed in accordance to changing trends and needs of its tenants. So maybe it is worth to consider…


You can find Scandinavian style furniture at Smart Furniture!


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