Mattresses – in the maze of choices…

It is a truth universally known that as you make your bed, so you must lie upon it. As we all know the good sleep is essential for proper existing. It does not only provide a rest and energy for the next day but also enables cells and brain to regenerate. It is fundamental to be in shape and for our mental health. Due to that the quality of sleep is really important factor, especially when it comes to a quality of life; we spend on sleeping almost 1/3 of time during the whole day. That is why we should give an attention to the most basic as well as one of most important thing like a mattress.  It is really surprising that backaches or insomnia might be caused by the wrong mattress. The right mattress provides a support to a spine and muscles in their best anatomical position and enables a proper blood circulation.

But how it is possible to choose the best one from that great selection in stores. There are mattresses with springs, pocket springs, foams and latex. Some of them are firmer than others. A spring mattress might provide individual support for different part of a body, while a foam mattress might be more elastic and can adapt to individual shape of the body. It is believed that a heavier person should choose firmer mattress, why it provides better support for their body. That is why it should be selected wisely, taking into consideration the weight, height, positions during sleeping as well as individual preferences.


There can be indicated some main tips:

  • Choose a store with a wide range of products.
  • Talk to store assistant in order to get information and advice about products.
  • Test several mattresses.
  • Lie down and change positions in order to check if it is comfortable for you and your body is well supported.
  • Mattress’ corners should stay in the same place and its surface should not rise when you change your position.
  • Take time to choose the right one.


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