Main rules of Minimalism.

For last few years, minimalism has become one of the strongest trends not only in home interior but also as a lifestyle. More and more people have been encouraged to get rid of everything, what might be unnecessary in their life, starting with home items and equipment to workshops or classes. This worldwide trend has also infiltrated into interior design.

It is believed that accordingly to this concept one should live with less than 100 objects, however it is rather ultra intensive attitude. Most of people, who choose this type of design, just focus on its functional aspects. Minimalism is characterized by natural, simple forms and colors such as beige or grey as well as minimum of details and decorations. It takes advantage of natural beauty of materials, which are used like stone, wood, leathers and fabrics.  Although that results in rather ascetic character of rooms, it might provide a lot of space and light to a building interior.


Followers praise its usefulness and comfort, while opponents tell off its extreme approach to the items and decorations and claim that it is cold, boring and sterile interior design. However the most important factor, when it comes to choosing the interior design, should be our preferences and needs. One can choose a minimalistic simplicity, but it does not mean, there cannot be used elements in intensive colors or there cannot be added any characteristic items. Everything depends only on the individual choice.


Main rules:

  • Minimize and simplify a colors scheme.
  • Choose natural materials like wood and stone.
  • Choose high-quality material.
  • Provide items some space.
  • Choose natural colors of fabrics.
  • Minimize the amount of decoration items.

No matter what type of design you choose, Smart Furniture offers a wide range of products, which satisfy your needs.


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