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Sofa beds – how to choose the perfect fit for your needs.

Houses and lofts – due to their usually larger usable area – allow to separate bedrooms for household members and guests, where there is a room for a comfortable bed. In smaller condos this is often not possible. When a living room it is also a bedroom in some households, we need to consider a… Continue reading Sofa beds – how to choose the perfect fit for your needs.

Concept bed by Lenart.

🔥🔥🔥BED CONCEPT by Lenart. 🔥🔥🔥⚡️REGAIN YOUR SPACE Discover unique possibilities 👏thanks to Bed Concept!Easily transform any room into a comfortable bedroom in just a few seconds⏳. Pneumatic mechanism and a stable design will redefine what a true comfort really means. 😴Sleep like in a traditional bed! CONVENIENCE -pneumatic mechanism supporting the opening/closing -slatted base -douvet straps -additional, practical shelf -two… Continue reading Concept bed by Lenart.

New arrivals in store!

Comfortable corner in a modern style, with an interesting, minimalist design. It is equipped with an occasional sleeping function and movable headrests, which can be set at any angle, depending on your needs. High, wooden legs add a strong body to the visual lightness of the furniture, and a wooden decorative strip adds elegance and cosiness to this miniature sectional. PERLE sofa is a luxurious sofa with relaxation functions. Made entirely of natural leather type DOLLARO in an elegant and modern shade NERO – black. PERLE Sofa is a model created for comfortable rest, sofa filling and the use of elastic belts was aimed at achieving the appropriate softness. This way we can comfortably sink in on the sofa. Suitable for spending even a long time, the seat and backrest is profiled and richly filled with foam providing proper support for the back and head. This collection seduces with its aesthetic, minimalist design, and when you sit on it it carefully wraps you in comfort. KELLY is like a beautiful, good spirit of home, caring for comfort and relationships with loved ones. Sofa Ulises is: so elegantAdjustable head restraintsthe sofa is filled with bonell pocket springs, corrugated springs and HR foamtwo containers (optional)decomposition support Nicea Green chaise longue is a piece of furniture that you will fall in love with at first sight and from the moment you sit on it. Excellent shape, referring to the furniture characteristic for palace interiors will make you feel like an aristocrat at the royal court. A striking finish, decorative stitching on the seat and thick side, a headrest in the form of a rectangular cushion, eye-catching ski legs and a wooden platform on which a piece of furniture is embedded – all this makes Nicea chaise longue delightful in elegance and style. Modern stylistics of the Sotelo corner makes it not only a comfortable relaxation space, but also a decoration of the interior. Stylish furniture encourages to rest, and thanks to its size, every tenant will find his or her favourite place. With a cup of coffee and a good book, everyone has their own way of relaxing. An inseparable element of it will be the corner of Sotelo. Filling the seat and mattress function creates foam and wavy spring, which increases the comfort of rest. The inclined backrest allows you to achieve an optimal body position. You don’t have to worry about backrest cushions slipping and losing shape – these are fixed. Did the guests want to stay for a night? In a few moments you can unfold the corner of Sotelo with a sleeping function and create a place for them to stay. By Glam we mean natural materials, by Elegance we mean sophisticated taste of the owner. In the BERGEN collection, elegance and glam are style, comfort and, above all, convenience. True glam and elegance! The Belize collection by Wajnert is a modern upholstered furniture designed for living room and living room arrangement. Corrugated springs, high-flexible foams and upholstery belts were used in the production. Furniture is available in many colour versions to choose from. Metal legs and wooden legs, which are available in many different colors, fit perfectly to the whole furniture. All above you can find at our signature Showroom located: 1995 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON SMART FURNITURE AND DECOR

Best Fall Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Home Into a Seasonal Escape

Of course, you don’t have to stay in the living room. A warm decorative runner or forest-inspired wallpaper in the kitchen works too. You’ll also be blown away by the amount of creative centerpiece options we’ve got here, from wheat sprays in classy cloches to a carved-out pumpkin vase. On a budget this year? No problem: You can always… Continue reading Best Fall Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Home Into a Seasonal Escape

🔥🔥Are You wondering what’s new in store? No need to any longer! We can take this off your mind!

🔥🔥Are You wondering what’s new in store🧐No need to any longer! We can take this off your mind! ‼️We want to present our new pieces of art, handmade stuff👩‍🎨👨‍🎨, unique decorations🌟, bestsellers across the country🔥! ➡️These pieces of furniture are made from whiskey barrelsEvery whiskey barrel piece is handcrafted from authentic 🌟Jack Daniel’s barrels, straight out… Continue reading 🔥🔥Are You wondering what’s new in store? No need to any longer! We can take this off your mind!


We took a part of Toronto Gift Fair recently, and we have many new things in store right NOW‼️ ➡️From furnitures made from wine barrels, to Farm Hoppers for your kids⬅️ Pop in anytime and check out our 🔥HOT NEW STUFF🔥 1995 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON👉Smart Furniture and Decor

How to pick perfect decorative throw pillows for your sofa, bed or chair

There’s an art to designing a pillow selection for a sofa, bed, or chair. The Blank Canvas Whether white, gray, navy, or black, a neutral sofa is a decor classic—and allows for the greatest variety of pillow combinations. Some sofas come with a set of throw pillows, such as the white squares here, but that… Continue reading How to pick perfect decorative throw pillows for your sofa, bed or chair